Levy Stays! Plus Other Stuff

Well that’s a relief. Mike Levenseller will in fact be on the staff for 2008, as announced by Cougfan and the Seattle Times. Very, very good move for the best WR coach we could have. Could this be a help in keeping Brandon Gibson in the fold for 2008? (begin rant) Hey Brandon, have YA SEEN this offense in action? Do you realize that some sophomore WR from Kent, Aaron Boyce, just hung up a whopping 85 catches for over 1300 yards in this offense?? With a sophomore QB no less? Do you realize what you might do as a senior in this offense next year?? (/rant)

We stumped for Levy yesterday so we won’t waste much time analyzing this move, but two large thumbs-up for Wulff to make the right move.

I thought it was interesting that Greg Peterson still hasn’t officially been let go at this point. Peterson was NOT on the list of coaches that were officially told they were no longer needed on Wednesday. Might there be a fit for him on this staff? I’ve mentioned it before, but from what I’ve seen of Peterson, I really like him. And while we’ve more or less ripped Doba’s practice of late offers and all that came with it, lo and behold Peterson was the recruiting coordinator and you know he’s got a serious portfolio of information on kids that they’ve made some progress with. Here’s hoping they find a permanent spot for him, in some capacity.

Just a few other points of interest today:

Cougfan has an article about the EWU offense from the perspective of Paul Sorenson($). Note the dollar sign means it’s a premium article. Also note you’ll NEVER see premium articles at WSU Football Blog! Not that there’s anything worth paying for…..but still…..

If you were thinking of shedding a tear for Doba? Don’t. He’s just fine, thanks. As Hooty pointed out yesterday, first of all, no, Bill, the “Internets” didn’t fire you. Not getting close to your success you had in 2003 and the recruiting failures this year are the reason you are done here. But old Dobes will be just fine with his 5-bedroom home on his lake property in Michigan and settlement in his back pocket (or at least trickling in over the next several years, but either way, he’s got more money than he knows what to do with).

In an article without WSU mentioned, other than Brandon Gibson as first-team all-conference, Ted Miller breaks down the Pac-10 from 2007. Pretty disappointing year for a lot of teams, wasn’t it? All the hot air in the summer about who was better, the SEC or the Pac-10, yet you look at the final BCS rankings? 5 SEC teams are in the top-25, only 2 are in the Pac-10. Ouch. The fold jobs by Cal and Oregon are truly crippling to the conference, because what, 6 weeks ago and they both were in the top 10. Oh, OK, so THAT’S why they play a full season!

The EWU QB, Nichols? He’s sticking it out at EWU. Nice idea Hooty, and hell, maybe you started a rumor with your post on Tuesday, but it was enough to where he had to shoot it down! I guess the nearly 42,000 page views mean that people are actually reading this stuff?

One more point. Now that the season is of course over, and the coaching search speculation and rumors are in the past, news is going to really slow down around WSU nation. We’ll see some news with the final coaching slots announced, and of course, recruiting news that will definitely start to pick up as these guys hit the road. I’ve also got a ton of WSU video that I will be periodically uploading for your enjoyment (and believe me, I’ve got some really good stuff that is hard to find anywhere else). But even with this officially the offseason, just know that we will still be out there with our eyes open and our ears to the ground, trolling for anything we deem relevant.

There were some comments the other night that ripped into our own Brinkhater. So be it. This isn’t a mainstream media site or a pay site, and never will be. We won’t even pretend to be something like that. The comments are wide open to express your point of view, and we will ALWAYS ENCOURAGE you to vent your spleen. If we didn’t want interaction and feedback, we wouldn’t have comments enabled. Speaking of comments, we don’t and we won’t require anyone to register with Google/Blogger/Etc. However you are also encouraged to adopt a nickname when posting comments. It does get a little boring seeing “anonymous” time and again, and if you are going to be a frequent commenter here, might as well pick a name so we know who you are. We’ve seen many of you do that, but still, some of you choose not to.

Our goal around here is to inform and entertain and most of all, keep things light. Don’t get me wrong, Brinkhater, Hootie and myself are some of the biggest fans around, and we care far too much than we should. But this whole thing is obviously a labor of love. And in our attempt to entertain, yes, we ARE going to miss the mark occasionally*cough *Monday night* cough*. But that’s part of the deal. Nobody hits a home run every time up. Like all of you reading this, we have real lives too with families and jobs and responsibilities that go with it. So if you don’t see anything fresh for a few days, don’t fret. We are not hanging it up.

3 Responses to “Levy Stays! Plus Other Stuff”

  1. kaddy Says:

    I feel MUCH better that Levy is staying – say what you want about play calling, etc., but he is a top-notch Receivers coach, and a true Coug. Whew!

  2. wsuhoops Says:

    All I can say is thank goodness his son was already in the program. I can’t, for the life of me, imagine why a coach as accomplished as Levy would take what amounts to a demotion for any reason other than the opportunity to coach his son. I love WSU, but I’m pretty sure my loyalties would begin and end with my paycheck when it came to my job.


  3. Diek Says:

    I too am glad Levy is staying. Like you guys said and I agree, his biggest strength is in coaching the wide receivers. —by the way, anyone else see Devard Darling have some good efforts this year???— I hope he can make Jeshua Anderson the superstar he looks like he is…

    …and, with no disrespect to Levy, I am not going to miss him calling plays all of the time. I’ve never been a big fan of Alex Brink’s favorite pass–the quick pass to the WR on the sideline, where the WR is then expected to break tackles and gain 5 yards.

    This staff is shaping up great!

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