You Can’t Polish A Terd, Beavis

WOW! How good was that, Cougar Nation?!

I mean, if you can’t be a bowl team, why not head dead straight for the Bottom Ten?!

Just to recap, we just gave up 48 points and ONLY scored 20!

Yes, despite the fact that Gipson and Collins are really good and Brink had some moments of brilliance, we aren’t even that good on offense!!!!!!

The good news is that tonight we batted .500 on fake punts…that’s at least .333 for the year..those are All-Star game type numbers in Brinkhater’s book.

So, give us your takes….

Here’s mine:

The era of Bill Doba just ended..

2 Responses to “You Can’t Polish A Terd, Beavis”

  1. Sedihawk Says:

    Worst defense in the modern age is something they won’t overcome this year. Even a Ryan Leaf led offense would be lucky to be bowl-eligible with this group. How can you ever even hope to win when you allow the kind of yards and points that we gave up tonight? It’s unbelievable. And it’s going to get worse. It’s been obvious since the Idaho game that these guys are completely overmatched. From the front 4, all the way back, they aren’t fast, they aren’t very strong, and they are sure as hell far too young in very important spots.

    There will be plenty of time for piling on in the coming weeks, but this is sure looking a lot like the 2004 UW team, albeit with a little bit better offense. That UW group in ’04, they were beyond terrible. But who knows, maybe Doba will follow Gilby’s lead and resign before he gets fired?

    I wanted to wait a few weeks, at least until the bye week, before saying it, but there is no choice anymore. Brinkhater is right, again. The Doba era is over. Bill must go.

  2. longball Says:

    I must officially join the “Doba’s gotta go” bandwagon. We were the keystone cops on defense. That was embarassing and the saddest part is the inevitable coaching change means we are years away from ever being competative, going to a bowl or beating the Huskies again. We cannot hang with anyone in our league for 4 quarters and i am not able to even imagine another win on our schedule.

    The 2nd fake punt, after Zona announced that the jig was up by calling a timeout, was the dumbest playcall i have ever seen.

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