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Keeping it Low

July 30, 2007

But you really can’t anymore.

Check out this link:

Put plain and simple: this upcoming year is going to be the most anticipated season of Cougar sports since our last Rose Bowl Appearance.

If memory serves, we started that year ranked #13 while picked to win the conference.

This year, we’re gonna start at #8, with ESPN writers putting us at 5 or 6.

Football preview will air from this staff member two weeks from today.

Mechanics the Key to New Brink?

July 25, 2007

I have to hand it to Cougfan – they’ve got an excellent analysis of Alex Brink’s changes this year. It’s not so much the weight or the more vocal leadership, but it’s the mechanics of it all that show how much he’s potentially changed for this year compared to the past.

Funny, Lawson and I have been talking about his mechanics since he was a sophomore. That they are, in a word, LOUSY. There are pics of him dropping down, way, way down, and that’s got to count for something. I once heard Hugh Millen on KJR mention in passing that Brink has some of the most inconsistent mechanics around, where one play he looks like Aaron Rodgers, just perfect, and another play he’s Michael Vick, just all over the place, like a pitcher who’s lost control of the strike zone.

Look how low he is in that picture. Look at his arm angle. He’s going to be at three-quarters, at best, from that picture. No where near coming over the top. It’s a whole different contrast to what he’s looking like this summer.

Then again, the evidence we’re seeing is simply a guy running around in shorts with no shirt with zero pressure and no pads. Maybe he’s always been fundamentally sound in situations like that, but come game time he reverts to bad habits? Sort of like crushing the ball long and straight off the tee, but get to the first hole and you slice it 100 yards out of bounds!?!? We’ll see, the WSU nation is watching!

Not to be Outdone…

July 20, 2007

GOOD LORD is Greg Trent a beast. Are you kidding me??? Uh, yeah, I think I’d be staying out of the middle if I was pretty much any WR running the underneath stuff this year. YIKES. I think there are chunks in his stool bigger than Alex Brink.

But still, someone on Cougfan did a good comparison shot of Brink today vs. Brink before. He’s certainly putting on his “man” weight when you compare him to when he first showed up:

Not holding my breath on the Sonics. But for once I agree with Bennett. It’s been a year basically since he arrived, and now, it’s time to talk turkey and see if something can be done. What’s odd is that he says “everything is on the table” with Key Arena, yet he then goes on to say that the Key can’t support the NBA?? Oh-Kay. Whatever. Just get something done.

LOVE the Pan-Am stuff! How amazing is that? To think we’d even have a conversation like this 12 months ago is mind-boggling.

Good News! PLUS Geek Statue

July 19, 2007
On the good side, looks like the Sonics are moving back toward the idea of Key Arena–the best idea in my humble opinion. Hopefully, sane heads will prevail and they will move toward a 200mil renovation that will keep the team in Seattle and move everyone happily toward the 17 win season that will be 2007-2008. (Prediction: Supes win Lotto next year and get real fat and sassy like for 2012).

Also: Weaver and Low busting up the Pan Am team. GREAT article by Andy Katz over at a couple of days ago. We are getting the LOVE and the HYPE. It will be very interesting to see how that season shakes down.

On the dark side, this picture absolutely foreshadows the season to come. In the end, we won’t have a shirt on our backs, nor a penny to our names after another Apple Cup debacle–I’ve already started drinking…

Season previews will start from Blog staff in the coming weeks, but until then, a nice shot of Alex Brinktadamnous getting ready for another sterling 3 yard completion to the sidelines:

Ya, Baby!

July 9, 2007
This just in from College Football News:
Bowl Projections for 2007-08!
And their featured match-up?:
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 31 / 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth, Texas ESPNTie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac-10
Way Too Early Projection: Utah vs. Washington State
(Top 5 Others Considered: 1. TCU, 2. Oregon State, 3. BYU, 4. Arizona State, 5. Oregon)

THE BELL HELICOPTER ARMED FORCES BOWL!!!! Can you feel the excitement?!
Trust me Cougar Nation, the staff here at the WSU Football Blog would accept the invitation RIGHT NOW if offered.
This is by far our best case scenario.
Also, A BIG Shout Out to my man Ice Cube for dawning 4 different items of Cougar garb in the near hit family flick “Are We Done Yet”–including the poster!

We Were Pretty Good Back Then?

July 8, 2007

NOW I Get It

July 1, 2007

Watch this and see what you think about Kevin Durant:

I’ve never, never, EVER seen anything like it. It’s like Kevin Garnett and Kobe had a love child. I can’t believe what I just saw. He has no weakness. Now do you understand why Portland actually had to think this thing through? How the hell do you watch that and pass on him? They better hope Oden is Shaq Junior down in Portland.

The other thing that’s scary for the rest of the NBA? This kid is an ASSASSIN. There is zero doubt about who’s getting the ball with 2 minutes left of a tie game, is there? And to think, that highlight reel is of an 18-year old true frosh???? HE is here.