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Hutsona + Buh-Bye = Little Buddy’s team

March 30, 2007

Little nugget from Glenn today that I couldn’t help but notice:

One other unrelated note, FYI. Though it’s not definite, I would not expect Derrell Hutsona to be in a Cougar uniform this fall. The academic hurdles are significant, and from what I hear there are some possible disciplinary issues as well. Bottom line is that I doubt he’ll be eligible to play at WSU in 2007.

Great. Hutsona gave the backs that little extra something that they didn’t have last year – namely a lot of speed – and now he’s probably done.
Ok, so, no DeMaundray as of right this moment (hopeful he gets back into school?), and now no Hutsona. So that leaves us with Tardy…..and……uh……Chris Ivory? Marcus Richmond? Skyler Jessen? Oh boy.

This is a knee-high fastball right in Duckhater’s wheelhouse, but, if they have any shot at a bowl next year, “Little Buddy” is going to have to throw it a LOT! This too shall pass.

News Conference!!!!

March 28, 2007

Posted an hour ago at the Spokesman. T-Bennett to stay at WSU. What a great day for WSU athletics.

In the meantime, per the Times, Doba is talking up Little Buddy’s improvement and arm strength. He even mentioned the NFL.

This just in to Cougfans:

I’ll take any bet you want on the Little Buddy’s chances for an NFL roster spot. Any bet you want.

7 Months til the great Alaska Shootout!

Carolina in my Mind

March 25, 2007

Greetings NCAA tourney lovers…

Well, if any of you caught the USC-Carolina game, you saw the end game for the Cougs even had they beaten Vandy and Georgetown. And we thought USC was athletic.

Sure, the Trojans were worn down by the Heels’ depth, but come on…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a faster team in my life. If G-Town beats them today, I’d be shocked.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how the Quackers do today. My thought is that if they stay in this game, they will win….That is, if they are able to score early, they’ll be able to score late…And if they’re able to score late, they’ll win this game–much like Utah did to Arizona when they were trying to repeat as champs nearly a decade ago.

My thought, though, is that they will struggle to score early and that Florida is going to blow them out a la Ohio State and Memphis yesterday. Should be fun to watch!

Meanwhile, we at the WSU blog are taking suggestions from all on what to Title the vessel of the upcoming implosion known as 2007 Cougar Football (this is meant to replace “King of Poop Island”)…

My two suggestions are:

SS Minnow (with Brink being the “little buddy”)



SS Pinto (rear end it, and the whole thing explodes)..

Fire at will..

One Shining Moment

March 21, 2007

THIS is why we watch:

Every “One Shining Moment” since the early 90’s. Except the UCLA championship, which I saw with my own eyeballs, they are all here. What a GREAT sporting event.

Football What?

March 19, 2007

Well, following yesterday’s let down, the one thing that comes to mind is THANK GOD we’ll have a distraction from next year’s football season!

Next year’s hoops will be the most anticipated Cougar sports season since the 2002 football team was predicted to win the Pac-10 and DID. This Cougar hoops team will face similar expectations.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how it all develops. Certainly, Baynes and Cowgill will improve which will make us that more dangerous…but the loss of Clark will make us considerably less athletic…we’ll see how that all unfolds.

Finally, we have to see what happens with young Mr. Bennett. My sense is that it would be much more of a surprise for him to leave than the other way around. Dad Bennett didn’t come out of retirement to build a program so that his son could leave. Dad Bennett came to build a program so that his son could stay. And when you think about it, when you’ve built a program into a major conference conteder why do you leave? Especially when that conference is improving and has 3 teams in the Sweet 16! It just doesn’t make sense to leave.

The only caveat is what happens if Tubby Smith leaves Kentucky and takes the Michigan job. What happens if Kentucky comes open and calls Bennett?

That my friends is the ONLY type of job that makes sense: leave for one of the top 7 or 8 best jobs out there…

We will see.

In meantime, we can watch next week with dissapointment. An Ivory Clark led Cougar team would have been real dangerous next week.

But, next year with an improved Lowe, Weaver, Rochestie, Baynes, and Cowgill proves formidable. Ditto another year of Harmeling, Mathews, and we’ll see about the two reported new comers–all of which can shoot…

Bottom line: it was a GREAT year. And Kudos to Bennett and the Kids for a magical and memorable ride.


March 16, 2007

More tomorrow, but a stellar performance by the Cougs today against a Golden Eagles team that was MUCH better than I could have imagined.

All of those dudes were super atheltic…all of them could shoot.

Couple of quick notes, with more coming tomorrow:

The team that won the game today was the same lineup that was so awesome during our first stretch. Until Georgetown, might i suggest that Baynes park his butt on the bench.

Clark was brilliant today, simply brilliant.

Robbie Cowgill and Taylor Rochestie are really fantastic basketball players.

Kyle Weaver is special. Not only is he great AND athletic, but his savy and smarts in pulling two or three breaks back to eat clock was something you’d expect from Steve Nash, not a Junior playing his first game in the big dance.

Matthews hit EVERYTHING in warm ups…Hopson hit NOTHING in warmups or the game. If we ever need O, Matthews is our guy…cuz man can he shoot…

In terms of Saturday:

EVERYONE on Vandy can hit from 3. So, if we don’t guard, expect to get buried.

But their interior d is really weak (GW got into the bonus 9 minutes into the first half but couldn’t capatalize). I think we’ll score easily against them.

The key will be to defend the perimeter well and make them shoot jump shots from 12-18 feet…

We should be packing for the Meadowlands Saturday night if we play to our ability.

And after seeing, Cougar Nation, I’m believing…we’re REALLY good.

Talk about YOUNG

March 13, 2007

I never knew just how young some of these legendary coaches were when they first broke through. Bobby Knight was just 32 when he led Indiana to the Final Four? Dean Smith 36 for Carolina? I always thought he was like 50 years old when he graduated high school. He’s so old now I think he finally passed his father.

Pitino was young, that much I knew, but man, Bennett is older than all these guys! I’m not about to predict that we’re going to make it all the way this year, I mean the bracket is tough as hell and everything has to go just right for a team that doesn’t have a single second of NCAA experience, but, it’s not such a crazy thought when you see how young some of the legends were when they first kicked down the door. Bennett at 37? Why not, for he is the Sporting News NCAA Coach of the year?!?!

Happy to see Duckhater scored 2 tix for Thursday’s games. Enjoy it as much as you can and bring home a W over Oral Roberts!


March 12, 2007

Is it just me, or does Tony Bennett look like he could suit up this week and give them good minutes off the bench?? Amazing how young 37 can actually look.
Hard not to love a 3-seed! Are you kidding me? Then again, we are playing Oral Roberts. Who? Well, the same Oral Roberts that happened to stroll into Fogg Allen Fieldhouse in November and take down the Kansas Jayhawks. The same Jayhawks that find themselves as a #1 seed this year! So a lot of pundits will come out of the woodwork this week, claiming Oral Roberts is THE upset pick of the week. But we’ll see. Instead of being afraid of them, I say, bring it. I don’t think it’ll be any picnic going against WSU’s defense, and the crowd should be pro-Cougs (particularly if Duck-Hater can score some tix!).

STILL enjoying the ride!…..At least until tipoff Thursday!

Can’t Flush This

March 10, 2007

At halftime last night, Jim Watson of Fox asked Tim Floyd about what he thought about the first half. His response, “they (the Cougs) won’t go away. No one has been able to bury them all season.” And when I heard that, I laughed as it occured to me that in many ways, we represent that stingy terd that just won’t be flushed no matter how hard you try. You think you’re done, but it just won’t go away.

And that, my friends, is why this team is a real Final Four threat. Even when we’re dominated like we were last night and against UCLA last week, we’re in games late. That may be frustrating for us as we look back, but as we look forward, it is a sign that great things may still be left to come.

By now, friends, we KNOW what beats us: HOT 3 point shooting and relentless defensive pressure and athleticism from the opposing team’s backcourt. The teams that have that give us problems and can beat us. If you don’t have that, you won’t. It’s just that simple.

I’ve said here before that Oregon and SC are really, really dangerous. But they are dangerous bracket busters because they are inconstent on defense and streaky on offense. In Forrest Gump terms, “you don’t know what you gonna get.”

But with the Cougs, you know what you’re gonna get. We just don’t know whose gonna get them.

So, we’ll wait until Selection Sunday. Personally, I think they’re gonna get a #3 seed, but part of me thinks they really deserve a #4.

Either way, look at the capsules Monday morning, check the websites. If the other team doesn’t play D, if they are not long at the 3 spot, and if they don’t shoot the ball well from 3, then move us along.

I maintain. If we do not have UCLA, Oregon, Florida, or maybe SC on our bracket this team will go to the Elite 8, if not the Final Four.

Its gonna be special…


The Trojan Duck?

March 9, 2007

Nothing quite like the sounds of silence on this blog. Too bad because Duckhater has absolutely regained his basketball intellect and is killing the so-called pundits out there with predictions that could kill a mockingbird.

I mean, can I call them or what? “yes, i can” Duckhater replied to himself because no one else in the world was listennng or reading….

Anyhow, those of you who read the post below were able to see that I nailed the game strategy and outcomes for both teams. And now, I’m gonna hit you with a downer: we’re gonna lose tonight.

And quite frankly, part of me wants us to.

But before we get to that, a few quick hits about last night’s game:

  • We dealt with the zone in a manner that was ugly at times, but very, very effective. The move to stick Cowgill and Clark on the high post was brilliant and they (mostly Cowgill) did a nice job of splitting the zone and creating 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s from there. Nice wrinkle and we handled the zone VERY well without shooting well.
  • The emergence of Rochestie and Baynes has this team looking like a Final Four threat if we stay the hell away from Florida…
  • Bennet coached his butt off. The move and confidence to put Cowgill up high and have him take Hawes off the dribble was both brilliant and ballsy. It was ballsy because if Cowgill had been sloppy we could have gotten blown off the court like we did against UCLA when Baynes missed all of those looks to start the second half. What a special year!

So, even though no one is reading or commenting, I put this out the silent Cougar nation: is it better to lose tonight in what will amount to a road game against a very good opponent? Or is it better to win tonight and then get beat on Saturday by the Quack?

Personally, I think that Oregon is going to KILL Cal this evening–setting up a rested Ducks team that will have an additional 5-6 hours of rest than the winner of SC and WSU. Moreover, as I’ve said before, I don’t think we match up with the Ducks at all…

In that way, I would rather have us lose a road game to a team we’ve already beaten twice, then lose three times to a team like the Quackers and having that downer headed into selection Sunday….

Of course, with the emergence of Baynes and the improved play of Cowgill, there’s nothing to say that we couldn’t pound the Quack inside and really take it to em..

Anyhow, I’m predicting a 67-64 loss tonight in what should be a dynamite game. Like I said, I think we’ve solidified a #3 seed and spot in good ole Sacatomatoes next week. Win the tourney and we will see ourselves in Sacto with a gaudy #2 seed.

What a magical season: continue to enjoy it before its loser out (for good) time…