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New Uniform Ad – More to it Than Just Uniforms?

September 30, 2006

So this showed up in the Evergreen today, and right in line with the press release, “Crimson and Gray in a whole new way…..uh-oh. It looks like a Crimson chest with gray sleeves with a screaming Cougar on the sleeve, and they look REALLY tight! I guess if it makes it harder to hold your opponent, and if the kids like ’em and all, that’s great….I guess. And, if you look in the top-right of the chest of the player, you see an “S”, so it probably says Cougars across the top.

I don’t want to over-react, but there is an Oregon feel to them, just from a picture like that. They look like they are moving to that futuristic Ducky feel. I guess we’ll see around 4 PM tomorrow!

But, what if tomorrow, there is something MORE about all this? What if it’s more than just a new uniform? Did you know the President of Russell Athletics has been on campus all week? And if you try and view the Russell Athletics website, right now, it says to check back soon for more information? Yet recently they had a full-blown website, and had pics of the WSU football uniforms from the 2003 Rose Bowl? Hmmm……then you realize that Auburn cancelled their contract with Russell this year and went with UnderArmour, well, maybe something is going on here. I know we’ve been looking for naming rights to the field and/or stadium for some time in the form of corporate sponsorship, ala Reser Stadium in Corvallis, but haven’t found a taker…..or have we?

Football Friday: Week V

September 29, 2006

So, we finally reach the big weekend. While next week’s game is really the swing game of the season, this weekend will tell us a lot about where the Cougs are headed. Simply put: a blowout loss at home this weekend puts the rest of the season in serious doubt. However, play USC close and you come out of this one with A LOT of momentum and confidence heading into Corvallis and a lot of confidence going into home tilts with the Quack and “Da Bears.”

After much deliberation and tumult, Brinkhater is painfully going with the blowout loss call. That said, let me be clear: despite the moniker, Brinkater is going to be the BIG BRINKROOTER on Saturday. Unfortunately, I just don’t have confidence in his ability to play against fast teams, and I don’t think the coaches are gonna bench him in this one until the game is out of hand.

Obviously, I hope I’m wrong and that this is Alex Brink’s major coming out party.

This one will be like the Auburn Game for a quarter, then the wheels fall off due to turnovers.

Staff Predictions (Brinkhater-Red; Rooster-BOLD; Hawk-Normal)
USC 45 WSU 14
USC 38 Cougs 21
USC 31 Cougs 20

Wildcats 28 UW 27
Wildcats 28 UW 24
Cats 24 Dogs 20

Oregon 38 ASU 17
Oregon 42 Sundildos 36
ASU 35 UO 34

CAL 41 OSU 10
Cal 36 Beavs 30
Cal 48 Beavs 27

UCLA 54 Stanford 6
Bruins 24 Stanford 10
UCLA 42 Stanford 13

Ohio State 24 Iowa 7
Bucs 31 Iowa 20
Ohio State 27 Iowa 23

Back From Biloxi

September 29, 2006

So I had a great time in Biloxi, MS last week. Mostly because I got away from my desk and wore toolbags for a week. You can get the kid out of Reardan but you can’t get the blue-collar Reardan hick out of the kid. There isn’t enough cyberspace to describe everything I saw but it was pretty amazing (in a bad way) how much devistation still exists down there just over a year later. Apparently there was a 10′ wall of water that rushed through Biloxi and didn’t go down for 7 or so hours. People survived by waiting it out in there attics or on their roofs, with neighbors bodies floating by and Cottonmouths and Water Mocassins (both very deadly snakes) swimming around. We drove along the beach between Biloxi and Gulfport and saw tons of buildings just leveled. There were also a lot of concrete front steps that lead to nothing. I’ll try to get some picture posted sometime soon.

So I may sound like a jerk by saying I had fun but the attitude of the people we were helping was great. One of the ladies we helped has been visited by President Bush twice which a couple of our guys actually recognized her from the news. The other lady we helped was a cook at the local casino (there are 4 or 5 Vegas sized casino’s down there) and she cooked us up some real deal southern BBQ for lunch on our last day. She was out BBQ’ing at 7:30am when we showed up so you can imagine how good that was by noon. I’ve never eaten as much meat as I did down there. I came back with a raging case of Gout.

Anyhoo, Cougar football… Think about it from USC’s eye’s. They have young DB’s and the Cougs have a handful of weapons at receiver. They have to make a decision about protecting against the pass by either getting those corner’s some help or blitzing the heck out of Brink. I’m with Brinkhaters original call that they are going blitz big time at least to start the game. Brink hasn’t proved he can handle it yet and the Cougs have a couple big men missing from the OL. Maybe USC hasn’t had to blitz a lot yet but they haven’t played a passing attack like the Cougs have yet. Correct me if I’m wrong but I never think of passing offense when I hear Nebraska and Aransas’ names. The good thing is that the Cougs have a good running game to keep them honest. Having said that I think the play of our OL is going to be critical. I bet they wear down and the game goes from close to a blow out in the 4th quarter…

USC 38 Cougs 21
Wildcats 28 UW 24
Oregon 42 Sundildos 36
Cal 36 Beavs 30
Bruins 24 Stanford 10

Bucs 31 Iowa 20

Let’s Kick Some Booty!

September 28, 2006

Greatings Coug lovers as well as the mighty Brinkhater army! Hope you’re all having a good week!

In terms of this week’s game with the mighty Trojans, well, there’s not a lot to say beside what you can find via Sedihawk on the AOL blog (just head to the right and click to see what I mean). Great coverage there, Hawk!

In terms of Brinkhater’s take on things………well, because Brinkhater has no life and no friends, I strolled on over to the site last night and watched Pete Carrol’s press conference. Two quick notes:

1) Carrol spoke highly of Alex Brink.
2) Carrol spoke very highly of his team and talked with great enthusiasm about how much better they’re gonna get from here on out (SCARY!).

In no uncertain terms, he thinks this team–and the defense espcially–are headed for BIG THINGS.

After watching the press conference, I found myself wondering about why I should even spend time watching the game on Saturday, but then I got clear:

Maybe the Cougs shouldn’t win this game, but they damn well should be in this game.

When you hear Carrol talk about this defense, you realize that he has a “special, aggressive group” (you realize this because he repeats it over and over). However, Cougar fans should take great solace in the fact that unlike Mike Price coached teams, this group of coaches know how to run AT speed. Want an example? Look at Woolridge’s first half numbers versus Auburn, or J. Smith’s numbers against Texas.

So, once again, the game’s make-up comes down to Alex Brink. USC is gonna blitz, blitz, blitz. To quote Bob Dole: “you know it, I know it, the American people know it.” So, if the O-line buys a minute, and if Alex can see over the top, the middle is gonna be WIDE OPEN all day long. However, if Alex decides to scramble and throw laterally all day, well, its gonna be a long day–the kind that we saw against Auburn and well, USC last year as well.

Like the Auburn game, the defense will hold up to the extent that the offense keeps them off the field. In the end, given USC’s clear advantage in talent, this SHOULD be a 34-21 USC win with the Trojans pulling away with a late touchdown. Will this type of game eventuate? Will we be able to score? Will Brink begin his coming out party? Will Rogers move the team if given the chance?

Stay tuned for staff predictions tomorrow on Football Friday.


September 25, 2006

Anyone who knows Northwest College football, knows and remembers the famous Don James addage: “when you get to the endzone, act like you’ve been there before.”

So, to the Seattle Times, the Montlake Tyee goonsquad, and “Roy” who posted earlier, I say “act like you’ve frickin won a game before” before you bring that weak ass smack to this blog…

Don’t get me wrong, beating UCLA was great for the pups. But, lets keep it in perspective: this was a UCLA team that should have been up 28-0 before the Tyee faithful finished docking their sailboats in that tasty Lake Washington millfoil. This was also a team that lost………umm…..hmmmm…who did they lose?…….did they lose anyone????

Oh yeah, they only lost their QB, their all-world RB Drew, and the Mercedes of Tight Ends (oh, he was an All-American, wasn’t he?)

And another thing: was UCLA a top 25 team? Oh….they weren’t…..

So, spare us the rant Dawg fans, you’ve done nothing so far and are STILL NOTHING despite a having a program that happened to have a GREAT run in the late 70’s and early 80’s before falling flat in the last half of that decade…Oh, and you had a great run there in the 90’s, if it wasn’t for a minor technicality:


Oh yeah, then you had good season in the start of this decade if it wasn’t for another, small technicality:


So, in the meantime, Probation Nation, enjoy the rest of your soon-to-be losing season.

In terms of the Cougs, well Brinkhater was 1/2 right in my assessment yesterday:


What I missed was:


Nothing quite like seeing that vaunted Baylor D hold Army to 27 en route to a 27-20 loss.
Wow does that 17-15 win look good now, or what?

In any case, one thing that all Cougar fans can now revel in:

Determining how good we are through the laws of transitivity is now over for this season (for you Huskies out there, that means that if a>b and b>c, then assuming that both are postive integers………)

In other words, the “lets find out how good we are by weighing how who we played faired against other known/common opponents….) is OVER!!! And thank god, cuz judging by what has happened so far, we just don’t look very good….And yes, anony-mouse I do blame Brink.


I pick up the paper this morning in Sacatomatoes and read about how Sac State’s coach thinks that Josh Swogger is an NFL QB. I hear him on the radio and hear about how he has the biggest arm and best accuracy of any QB his teams have played against.

Ask yourself Brink lovers, when you have heard ONE FRICKING COACH outside of Pullman say anything about Brink that way? My guess: You never will.

But, mark my words, NO ONE in America wants to be more wrong than a guy named Brinkater. With that in mind, I doth profess to you all:


Hopefully, we will rise this weekend, and Mr. Alex will shut me up for the first time in TWO YEARS.

So, to all you Brink lovers and Husky fans out there, I give you this week’s version of Brinkhater Trivia:

What teams has Alex Brink beat in college that went on to have winning records:

2004 UCLA 6-5
2005 Nevada (who cares that they had a winning record!)

So, I am sorry when a “B” performance against a soon-to-be 0-12 team (and yes, they will be 0-12) doesn’t get me excited.

That all said, beating USC this weekend will give me the TASTIEST crow dinner that money can buy.

And it goes without saying, I can’t wait for that black-bird-pie!

And in case you’re wondering: yes, I’ve been there before.

As Good As Navy!

September 24, 2006

Last week, it was Navy 37-9…this week it’s WSU 36-10. Guess what Cougar faithful?:

We’re as good as Navy!!!!

Couple of quick hits on our last win of the year:

The defense sounded like it was more than suffocating. One minute it was Bruce being an assasin based on his skills and moxy. The next minute it was Bruce hitting Edwards again because, as the Stanford announcers put it, “There hasn’t been a receiver open all day.”

While Stanford is considerably short of being a juggernaut, this D is certainly MUCH better than adverstised. If the Offense was as good as we thought it would be (in terms of point production), we might be special.

But the big line for the announcers: “You know, this Washington State team feels like it should be much better than it is. They have all of these athletes and weapons but there is something missing.”

Also: Harris on the postgame show spoke glowingly about how much more physical we were than last year, how talented the receiving corps and how much depth we have in the running game.

However, not ONCE did I hear one word about Alex, except when Harris commented that “well, their QB has some experience…”

Well, next week is the week for us and Alex to prove himself. USC has shown itself to be mortal tonight and Jarret is injured.

With a drunk crowd and national tv audience, this is the week for Alex to put it together and show why the coaches have put all of thier faith and marbles in his transum.

Its time for him to step forward….lets see if he will.

3-1 and facing a top 3 USC on “the tee vee?”

I’ll take it!

Football Friday: Week 4

September 22, 2006

Hard to believe that we are already one quarter of the way through the season. IF all holds true to form the rest of the way, we are headed smack dab for Rooster’s prediction of 8-4. Ah, at least we have the freedom to dream!

For a good rundown of the match-ups to watch this week, check out Sedihawk’s analysis over at AOL. Its got all you need to know.

That said, in case you’re like Brinkhater and are too lazy to move your mouse a half an inch to the right, then suffice to say that Stanford is the worst in the nation at stopping the run. They also, statistically, cannot run the ball either. Not a good combination.

Bottom line: Not only can the Trees not stop the run, they can’t stop the pass either as Brinkhater witnessed in person last week. They play WAY off of the WRs–which fits perfectly into Brink’s favorite type of passing game. Moreover, as Brinkhater indicated earlier in the week, Stanford’s speed is just atrocious.

So, this is a week that you will see Alex Brink LIGHT IT UP! Expect Hill, Bumpus, and the whole crew to take short bubble screens and out passes to the house as well as a few long balls to J. Hill along the way. If Brink doesn’t have 300 yards passing and 3TDs Brinkhater will be SHOCKED. This truly is his type of game. He’ll shine.

May have missed it on the blow-out call last week, but this week the Cougs will absolutely roll (we’re not gonna get to what it means if they don’t):

WSU 49 Stanford 10

In other games:

(Rooster’s Takes are Presented below in Bold)
USC 41 Mildcats 10 (USC underrated, UA progress totally overrated)
USC 54 Wildcats 22

Cal 41 ASU 21 (One QB is gonna show himself to be in for a dissapointing year)
Cal 32 Sundildos 23

Beavs 61 Idaho 17 (No Class Beavs Run Up Score)
Beavs 42 Idaho 28

UW 28 UCLA 27 (Damn it, Damon!)
Bruins 45 UW 21

Enjoy our journey to 3-1!


September 20, 2006

Maybe its not “the shoes” my g’s, its “the name” that makes the man..

Tommy V of SI has just finished a great piece on the Yanks and our favorite loser Alex (e.g. Gay Rod.)

Gay Rod’s newest and best-yet line in explaining why he gets “cracked on” by fans and the media:

“Maybe its because I’m good looking, or bi-racial, or that I play for the most popular team…”

Whatever (with the “l” loser sign on my big ole forehead)

Maybe its because you make a ton of jack and have won exactly NOTHING in your entire career that people are busting your self-purported “beautiful” balls. Must say, though, that when I saw him hit that Jack in Yankee stadium in game 1 of the ALCS in 2000, he was the man. He should have NEVER left the M’s. What a puss!

Back to the Cougs: According to Glenn Kasses at the SR, Ahmu could and should be back this week–meaning that as the O tries to buy a vowel and a clue, the D is starting to get healthy.

Very weird. If you would have asked any of us how this season would shape up, I think we would have resoundingly compared this group more to 92 than 94.

That said, by no means is this defense in the same ballpark or league as 94, and by no means is the offesnse as BAD as 94 (Chad Davis is the worst QB in my book to have started a full season at WSU in the last 20 years), but to think that after three games that the D would be ahead of the O? Come on!

And to the Alex Brink fan club, I say in the true spirit of Frankie-goes-to-Hollywood “Relax, don’t do it, when you wanna suck to it….”

There will be plenty of opportunity for little Alex to show his mettle over the next five games. If he does, then the boo birds and critiques will be silenced.

If he doesn’t……..


September 19, 2006

With news conferences slated for this afternoon, today marks the official start of conference play. And so we begin the “Drive for Five.” Meaning: we need five more wins to ensure a bowl invitation for the first time in three years.

However, despite the apperant tenability of this milestone, the HMS Brinkhater, who moonlights as a Soothsayer of the soothiest sorts, predicts the following:

After this weekend, the Cougs will win two more games for the rest of the year.

Yes, Cougar fans, prepare yourselves for a long, miserable 5-7 losing season. In other words, let the drive for five begin.

Why such negativity from an otherwise positive (cough! cough!) guy?

Its simple: Our offense is just not very good. That much has been shown despite rumblings about how good Baylor may be. When you add the mounting injuries to the offensive line that are showing themselves now and will be worse by October 8, and well, you have the recipe for some serious struggles (especially when you factor how bad our kicking game is and how much pressure that puts on the offense)..

With that all in mind, we open it up to you, our two anonymous (okay, our ONE anonymous) reader-posters to unravel the riddle of our current offensive woes…so, here’s the question:

What statement is more true?:

a) Alex Brink is the worst QB to play at WSU over the last twenty years with 8 or more starts.

b) This current receiving corps (Hill, Bumpus, Jordan, Gipson, Dillon, and Boyd) is the most overrated group in the past 20 years of Cougar football.

If its A, what can be done about it? When does Doba and Company pull the plug on little Alex? If its B, what adjustments can you, or do you make, to make the offense more productive and effective?

Enjoy the week. Weekend predictions come Friday.

Onward Brinkhater Nation!

September 18, 2006

First of all, a big thank you out there to the 45,000 faithful who resoundingly demonstrated that the Brinkhater army is alive and well. A message to the faithful:



Ya know, I almost started to feel better about things (e.g. Alex) today after talking to Sedihawk and hearing about all of the things that Brink did well–including the game winning drive. I mean, I actually started to think that things may not be so bad afterall.

Then, I realized: hey, we’re talkin about BAYLOR here–a team that hasn’t been to a bowl since (GULP!) 1994. And I’m somehow supposed to celebrate a 2 point nipping at home–when our D only gave up 7 points?????

So, I used “the new math” and put two and two together. And you know what? Time and time again, I still came up with five!!!!!

Look at it this way: in two games against teams not named Idaho, the Cougs have averaged a WHOPPING 15 points a game! Yes, that’s right, 15 points, despite having arguably the best and deepest group of receivers that we’ve ever had. …

But, wait there’s more. When you take the two touchdowns engineered by Rogers in both of these games and take them out of the equation, you get the incredible statistic of how “good” Alex Brink has been.

The offense’s average point production when he’s playing anyone but the Spuds (drum roll please):

8.5 points a game.

Are you fricking kidding me?

That said, last night Brinkhater took in the opening of the new Stanford stadium. More review on the Trees later in the week, but lets just say that Idaho might hang 30 on Stanford’s D if they played this year–even @ Stanford.

So, Brinkhater nation, sit on your hands for one more week. We’ll have a lot to scream about in a couple weeks rest assured. Unless of course, we muster 28 points or less this Saturday–a week after Navy laid a 37 spot on the wilting Douglas Firs…

Thank god we’re 2-1!