Darryl Tapp – THE BEAST!

Check out the highlights of Darry Tapp, the new d-end the Hawks drafted over the weekend. WOW. I read that some people back V-Tech’s way called him “The Beast” and with some of the power and quickness he shows, I can see why!

Click on the little video camera icon next to his name and you’ll see what I mean. Impressive.


Looks like another strong Tim Ruskell draft. Smart, hungry, driven FOOTBALL players with the first couple of picks, and both guys could be fixtures on D for years to come.

Now, for a sadder video – Will Derting. Watching his highlight video, it just breaks my heart to think of what injuries did to his career potential. If healthy, he really could have been another Lofa Tatupu. The last two years were tough for him, but the video is a nice reminder of what he used to be. By the way, the word I’ve heard and read so far is that he’s probably not even going to pursue an NFL career, mainly because of injuries. One rumor has him just quitting football altogether and working on his ranch. Good for him! And thanks “WMD” for some fantastic moments along the way:


He’s the 15th ranked LB, just again, click on the camera icon.

Finally, nice to see Jason Hill and Mkristo Bruce getting some “seniors to watch” pub. Fox Sports has both in the top 50 for next year, and I’ve heard that Kiper has both players in the top 5 of their positions for next year. I really like Hill, of course, and I think he’ll have a gigantic season, but Bruce might have a better shot at being a first-round pick. He’s got a serious NFL d-end’s body (6-6, 260) and while he could probably stand to gain 20 lbs, he’s really a long, lean athlete. I bet 10 sacks isn’t out of the question for him this year either.

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