Ho Hum

I’m not really in the mood but I’ve got to get my predictions out of the way so I can go get on a plane to watch WSU UPSET CAL 35 – 32. COUGS COUGS. Well that was my weak attempt at some school spirit this morning.

USC will cover the 31point (last I looked) spread against the Pooches because they have two players who are in the Heisman hunt and need big stats.
USC 62 Probation Nation 17
UCLA 35 Beavs 31
Ducks 42 Cats 30
ASU 45 Trees 21

One Response to “Ho Hum”

  1. DuckHATER Says:

    USC 56 Probation Nation 17
    Beavs 38 UCLA 28
    Ducks 48 Cats 10
    ASU 35 Trees 17

    Cougs 41 CAL 24

    I am going with the feeling that the Cougs are gonna break out and CAL is just too injured.

    I will say this, if we can’t stop the pass this weekend, we may not win another game…

    I am praying Brink gives me something to hang onto..

    otherwise, i will officially unleash the Brinkhater nation

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