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Ropati in trouble?

May 11, 2005

Per many sites, here’s the story on Ropati:

Warrant issued for Coug

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Washington State University defensive tackle Ropati Pitoitua after he missed a Whitman County court appearance on Monday, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reported.

The report said Pitoitua, a graduate of Clover Park High School, was arrested early Saturday on a drunken driving charge and was released hours later after signing a form pledging to appear in court, according to Pullman Police Sgt. Dan Dornes. The county prosecutor’s office said he failed a field sobriety test and was pulled over for driving without headlights.

Here’s the kicker:
WSU coach Bill Doba spoke to Pitoitua, 20, late Monday and said the 20-year-old is in Hawaii visiting family until May 18. He said Pitoitua would cooperate fully when he returned.

Let’s hope this is all straightened out and all will be well. Hopefully we don’t have another Jerramy Stevens on our hands? Hate to compare the two, as Stevens has a long history of arrests, even beating up a kid in high school with a baseball bat, but still, I’ve read that this isn’t the first time Ropati has been in trouble. He’s such a huge key to the 2005 season, let’s hope this is dealt with and over!

FIRST COMMIT for next year

May 5, 2005

Cougs land their first verbal for next year, a top-5 player in the state and a big score!

Keith Rosenberg – 6-1, 180 lbs, 4.5-forty. 21 yards per carry?? WOW!
Being that he’s a Bellevue kid, talked to my man in the family that watches and supports that program with a microscope. Here’s what he had to say about him, then the official story:

“Butch believes in him (head coach at Bellevue, Butch G.) and so do I. GREAT athlete, and I mean GREAT. Quick as hell, great feet, great hands, strong knowledge of the game. He is set up to have a gigantic season next year, could be one of the best in school history, better than even Hasty. That said, there will be an adjustment period if he plays WR. He could be tremendous in the slot, but I don’t think he’s an outside homerun-hitter.”

“I am shocked you guys got him, as are a lot of my guys. I think you got a hell of a player but don’t sleep on him. The UW will be all over him once the season starts to try and steal him away. Your coaches need to stay on him all summer and into the fall, but I’m sure they will. I found out last week UW hadn’t offered him yet because the new staff just hadn’t seen enough of him yet, nor had they seen enough of any recruits for next year right now. TW’s entire staff is still trying to get acclimated to the mess of a team they inherited (fingers crossed for 2 wins next year) so they aren’t focusing yet on recruiting for next year. Yes, they are behind everyone right now. The new staff is really holding their full rides like they are million-dollar lottery tickets, not about to throw around offers without knowing more. You guys have a strong advantage as your staff has been together and they have been watching the state for years, so they’ve probably had Rosie on their radar for some time.”

“I don’t know his character all that well, other than what I’ve heard is he’s a great kid and has a very strong work ethic. My gut says he works hard and will see a lot of time at WR and safety next year, and in the end, he’ll PROBABLY stay true to his word and be a Coug. Remember though, he initially had 15 schools (!) listed in his interest list, so you never know who will come in late and try to steal him. All in all, a good get for you guys. Will let you know more as I hear.”

Encouraging words!

Here’s the story:

KEITH ROSENBERG has yet to put on a WSU jersey but already he’s in the rarified air of Cougar lore. With his verbal commitment to WSU this week, the senior-to-be from Bellevue High joins Shelton Danzy (April 28, 2004) and sophomore linebacker Alex Hamill (May 3, 2003) as one of the earliest verbal commitments in the 111 years football has been played on the Palouse. Rosenberg, an All-State DB, figures to be Bellevue’s featured running back in 2005 and a Cougar wide receiver starting in 2006.

Last week, Rosenberg told he was in no hurry, saying he intended to wait until after his senior season before making a verbal commitment. But the Bellevue star decided he needed no more time and would make his pledge well before his season began — to the crimson and gray.Rosenberg told the Seattle Times it was a “big relief,” saying Washington State was the best fit for him given the way the Cougs spread the ball around.

The first tape he sent out this offseason was to the Cougs. And Washington State responded, becoming the first to offer the Bellevue playmaker just days later.One of the catalysts for the verbal came during the 6-1, 185-pound Rosenberg’s visit to Pullman for the Cougars’ Junior Day last month. Taking in the scrimmage and talking to the coaches and players solidified WSU as his top choice. Music to his ears was that Bill Doba & Co. saw him lining up at wide receiver.”I didn’t realize they were thinking about me at wide receiver so I went with the DB coach,” Rosenberg told CF.C with a laugh. “Later on, one of the coaches told me they liked me at wide receiver.”With an outstanding running attack year in and year out, Bellevue High just doesn’t throw the ball a whole lot. The Wolverines attempted a total of passes over 13 games last season, with Rosenberg the leading receiver – 4 catches, 127 yards, 3 TDs.

But Rosenberg has a knack for getting open and owns an excellent set of hands. Add in his athleticism — which offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Mike Levenseller likes at the receiver spot — and it becomes clear why Washington State sees him split out wide on the offensive side of the ball.

A first team all-state defensive back his junior campaign, Rosenberg had 40 tackles in Bellevue’s defensive backfield in 2004. On offense, Rosenberg had a limited number of touches with J.R. Hasty in the backfield. But oh, did he make the most of them.He rushed for 1,227 yards on but 58 carries. That’s a 21.2 yard average. In the 3A title game win over Ferndale, he carried the ball 11 times for 189 yards and 3 TDs, scoring on runs of 51, 54 and 36 yards.This year with Rosenberg now the headliner, Bellevue goes for their fifth straight 3A state championship.

New uniforms for 2005 and beyond

May 4, 2005

Doba had hinted at this a few weeks ago in a premium story on He admitted that there is a uniform change in the works, a more traditional look that would get away from the stripes and things like that.

Well, in an indirect way, a couple of images have popped up of the home and road uni’s. The interesting thing here is that they aren’t the actual photos, but they are in-game captures from EA Sports new NCAA Football 2006, to be released this July. EA does a good job of keeping up with new uniforms, stadium changes, etc, and they released the following two images:

Home uni’s:

Looks like a pretty basic setup. Grey WSU logo on the helmet, a basic, clean jersey without all the crazy stripes, Cougar head on the shoulders, and crimson pants with a Stanford-like stripe down the side. Looks like about the same font for the numbers. I like it so far, but I’d love to see black shoes!

Road uni’s:

Another slight modification to last year’s uni’s. Numbers on the shoulders instead of the Cougar head, which is cool. Same font for the numbers. Same crimson helmet with white Cougar head. Gone are the crazy stripes up the side and double-stripe on the shoulders. The pants have the “Stanford” stripe down the side as well. Actually we look a heck of a lot like Oklahoma on the road!

All said, I like the newer, cleaner look. Uni’s are going two ways these days, either really crazy stripes and fonts (see Oregon, Oregon State, U of Miami, Cal), or going a little more back to an “old school” approach (UW, and now WSU have cleaned up), very clean and basic yet bold. I certainly prefer the new look myself! I look forward to media day this year when they are officially unveiled.