Swogger and Hill from Saturday

Interesting part of a story from yesterday’s News Tribune:

Quarterbacks coach Timm Rosenbach was impressed that Swogger was able to lead the team back and shake off a sloppy game that saw WSU fumble five times.

“He grew up a little bit,” Rosenbach said. “He’s got confidence in himself and he demonstrated that today. There were some things we talked about on the sidelines today and he went out and did them.”

Two of Swogger’s biggest plays went through Hill, who had four catches for 74 yards despite not having a reception in the first half, when he said his legs felt weak.

“I was feeling sick. I’ve been sick for three days,” Hill said. “It took a little while to pick up. When I picked up, I felt like myself and made some plays.”

Trailing 13-7, Hill gave WSU the lead when he shook Wilrey Fontenot on an inside move for a 43-yard touchdown reception. Then, with 26 seconds left, Hill beat Fontenot again on a fade for the winning score.

In the past three games, Hill has six touchdown receptions. Offensive coordinator Mike Levenseller said Hill, who missed all of spring practice because of a shoulder injury, is coming on as WSU’s go-to receiver.

“What’s great about him is he corrects himself quickly,” Levenseller said. “He’s as smart as any young player that I’ve ever had.”

Interesting quote from Levy about Hill being as smart as any young player he’s had. 6 TD’s 3 games into the season? He’s going to have at least 10 TD catches this year, maybe more!?! Get out the shades, for it could be a “SUN”-ny New Year’s Eve in El Paso this year!

One Response to “Swogger and Hill from Saturday”

  1. Dr. Ferdie (Lawson) Says:

    The whole name of this season should be “survivor.” Read a bit about Doba’s sentiments after the game, and per usual, he was dead on.

    This team is solid defensively. For this pair of eyes, I don’t think that they possess the depth THIS year to be great or dominant, but as the competition improves, I think we will find that it is SOLID, and per my prediction at the beginning of the season, will rank in the top 4 in the conference.

    The question that remains is how much will the offense continue to improve and it is my view that such an improvement becomes more rapid and fluid everytime we win.

    So, can we surive against Oregon? Can we survive against Stanford? Can we survive against Oregon State? And then, can we compete with SC enough to use it through what will be a brutal November.

    The BIGGEST problem–and BIGGEST need–for this program now and in the future is a place kicker. The kid we have now is EASILY the worst that we’ve ever had–which is surprising since our kickoffs ain’t bad.

    But with the kicking game as is, I think you have to add at least one loss to the schedule…

    I think we will beat Oregon…we’ll see how Stanford looks in the next two weeks.

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