9/25 Weekly pick recap

Well, I went a perfect 5-0 from the pick-em, while Lawson came in at 4-1. Here’s where we are this season:

Sean – 9-1

Lawson – 9-1 (you are really 9-2 but you picked one more game than me, so we won’t count that).

Last week’s picks:


Notre Dame






Notre Dame





This week’s slate:

We’ll try something different – we’ll still pick the Pac-10, but we’ll also do a “National Game of the Week” where we guess out-of-conference.


UW @ Stanford

San Diego St @ UCLA

ASU @ Oregon

*Utah @ New Mexico

*since WSU and USC both play B-Y-E, we’ll go with this one other interesting West game.

Now, the game of the week nationally? A little Southern flavor:

Auburn @ Tennessee

One Response to “9/25 Weekly pick recap”

  1. Dr. Ferdie (Lawson) Says:

    Not so fast my friend…..

    1) California, california, california…the time for the Bears to be exposed is not this week. Meanwhile, the Beavs are on course to becoming the GREATEST 2-9 team of all time. Cal 49 OSU 21

    2) This is a good tune-up for the Dawgs before winning their third straight Northwest Championship. Stanford 31 UW 10

    3) San Diego State will show that Michigan isn’t any good, and that the Big 10 is once again over-rated. UCLA 28 SDst 13

    4) Belotti proves once again that he is NOTHING without Tedford. Walters for Heisman? ASU 31 Oregon 21 (Oregon lost at home to Indiana for godssake, Sean)

    5) Utah good. New Mehico not. Utes 42 NM 17

    6) Never EVER bet against Tennesee at home (unless they’re playing the Gators) Tenn 23 Auburn 21….

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