9/21 weekly press release


As the picture on the main site reads, “Josh Swogger will lead the Cougs against Arizona in the Pac-10 opener” pretty much salts it away who the starting QB is going to be?

Interesting thing to note – of WSU’s complete 2-deep roster, 44 players, 36 of them are underclassmen! Only 8 seniors on the entire 2-deep. If we can pull out a winning season with so many kids, man oh man imagine what next year (and beyond) will bring! Let’s hope these guys keep learning on the job, and with just 4 more wins, we have a winning year and bowl game (and extra practices to boot) and we’re in everyone’s top-25 next year. EXCITING STUFF!

Finally, on Jason Hill – 4 TD’s in 2 games, all 3 catches were TD’s last week. But there was one TD catch that was special, moreso than the others, and I’m not talking about the “I’m faster/quicker/more athletic than you” bob-n-weave on the bubble screen. I think it was the 2nd TD catch, but it was an absolute LASER beam from Swogger, who tried to hit Hill on the post in the end zone. What was amazing was how tightly covered Hill was, not only in bump-n-run with the corner but the safety was right there over the top, yet still 1) the ball got through the window, and 2) Hill made a great catch! Check it out:

3 Responses to “9/21 weekly press release”

  1. Dr. Ferdie (Lawson) Says:

    Agree about the youth and potential of this football team. Another thing to note:

  2. Dr. Ferdie (Lawson) Says:

    Agree on all fronts..
    Another thing to note:

    For programs like WSU that attract solid talent that may be just short of NFL talent, that means another year of continuity (as opposed to SC that can expect to lose players after their junior year–and certainly their “1st” senior year)

    Imagine this year’s group with FOUR years experience together?!…

    I remarked while watching Idaho about the speed and athleticism that we had 4 deep…granted, those kids get killed in a Pac-10 match-up, but the potential for the future is great.

    I think we can expect a solid top 5 run with a shot at a national title game in the next two seasons..they key, again, is to make it through this year with a SOLID winning record to lock up another class of A-list recruits..

  3. Sedihawk Says:

    I read about that That NCAA rule, it is interesting. Basically you can play years 1-4, frosh-soph-junior-senior, but then elect to be a 5th-year senior? I wonder if they’ll grandfather it in (such as, Bumpus for example, true frosh really only running back kicks, but could he stay for 4 more years? Not sure the logistics of the clause). GREAT point in that WSU could benefit, but it’ll also help schools like UW, Oregon and OSU, our NW competition. Seems as though with depth such an issue nationally as so much talent is spread out, sometimes terrible injury problems force you to burn a redshirt you would rather not torch, so this 5-year rule is cool.

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